How Do You Really Feel?

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One of our core missions at Albert is getting to know you better. The most important piece of giving guidance is building a relationship. When you text Albert, you'll always talk to a human, never a bot.

Throughout the app, you'll start to see simple and joyful interactions like the one above that tell us how you feel. With your input, we'll be able to give you better recommendations and a more personalized Albert.

The Side Menu

We've reorganized the profile section of the app with a brand new side menu. Tap on the profile icon in the top left corner or swipe from the left edge of the home screen to enable the menu. You'll also see your brand new inbox, which lets you track your financial products in progress, continue them, and update their status.

We've focused hard on keeping the app clean, simple, and organized, and we hope this keeps pushing us in the right direction.


Today we rolled out version 2.1 of the app, with interactive charts to analyze your spending. Click on the budget section and tap the chart icon in the top right corner of the app. You can group your transactions by category or merchant, tap into each slice of the chart for details, and change the time frame of the chart.

We've gone to great lengths to clean the data and simplify spending categories, and we hope this gives you new insights into your spending habits.


Albert 2.0: Savings for all, insurance, cards, and more


Our most substantial update since launching in June, version 2.0 of Albert lets you interact with Albert in multiple new ways. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Albert Savings now supports virtually all U.S. banks.
  • You can add your existing insurance policies under one roof and find quotes for auto insurance, life insurance and more.
  • There's a brand new knowledge center with interactive articles explaining each type of financial product.
  • We’ve added new cards in the app for alerts about your spending and fees, tips on using the app, and useful articles from the knowledge center.

Introducing Insurance

Being properly insured is as important to financial health as saving money or paying off debt. The new insurance section – now one of the four components of financial health, and new to the home screen right below investing – lets you add your existing policies under one roof and search for new quotes.